1. Kindly Fill in your details in the columns provided.

2. The details that you filled in must be correct.

3. Please choose the bank name that you want to make withdrawal and kindly ensure that choosing is correct.

4. Kindly the bank account numbers of member must be same as the account holder name.

5. Choosing the product that the credit have inside.

6. Kindly write the correct amount in the column to easier our company to make withdraw to our members.

7. After members filled in all the detail, then press “SUBMIT” to us.

8. They will automatically credited the amount to your bank that you selected.

9. It will take 15 to 30 minutes for pending your withdrawal.

10. If member have difficulty to fill in the form, members can contact our customer services LIVECHAT, WHATSAPPor WECHAT to us.