1. Kindly Fill in your detail in the columns provided.

2. The details that you filled in muct be correct.

3. Please choose the bank name that have deposited and kindly ensure that choosing is correct.

4. Members can upload the receipt by choosing the “Press here to upload receipt”.

5. Members also can send the bank slip to our customer services LIVECHAT,WHATSAPP or WECHAT.

6. The circus white columns must be selected wether you are new member, regular member or VIP member. This is to make our company to verify our member easily.

7. After members filled in all the detail, then press “SUBMIT” to us.

8. They will automatically credited the amount of your deposit banking in your choosen product wallet.

9. It will take 5 Minutes to pending your deposit

10. If member have difficulty to fill in the form, members can contact our customer services via LIVECHAT, WHATSAPP or WECHAT to us.

If you have difficulty in supplying the above details, please contact our customer service Live Chat.